Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hammer Me Hamels

One down, three to go.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Winners and Losers

So we're going to the fucking World Series. Would you believe that? The people in the city were going ape shit, but I can't imagine what it would be like if we win the entire series. Of course I shouldn't get ahead of myself. Only 4 more wins though. Hamels, what a hottie. In other news, I am officially quitting my restaurant job because there are times when you just cannot work for someone, especially when the job is not necessary. I do not feel bad that I will walk into work tomorrow, and tell them that it will be my last night there. We must all be champions in our own circumstances. I have too much Warsteiner in my system and I am afraid that I will have a bruise on my forehead from getting hit on the head with the policeman's stick at the riot at Broad and Locust. All in fun of course. Pray that I get my voice back by tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

so HOT

someone pulleeazze get some of that pool water on my face, cause i'm burrrnin' from all that HEAT! WOW. i just witnessed history being made by the olympics' "greatest athelete" he now has 11 gold medals... 11!!! can you imagine what it would FEEL like to win 11 GOLD MEDALS??? me? no, i really trully for sure cannot even fathom.

Michael Phelps = My HERO!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympics = Fuzzy Feeling

there is something about the olympics that makes me feel so warm happy and proud. does anyone else feel the same way when watching athletes compete for the gold? especially when i see the expressions they get once they know they have the top spot.. that is when i feel so happy for them. there is something so very touching to be part of the experience, witnessing these atheletes prove themselves to be the best, to know that all the hard work in training has paid off... when i saw Michael Phelps win 3 gold medals in all 3 of the swims he's done so far in beijing, and also witnessing him break 3 world records... there is something so special about it all. i witnessed history take place. in fact, i could tell my grandchildren about it as well! When i saw Park Tae Hwan win the gold medal in his swim was very historic. did you know he was the first gold medal for Korea to ever receive in swimming? he is going to be a legend in Korea now. that's very impressive. AND he's only 19!!! definitely going to be a celebrity.

synopsis: the olympics brings the world together and everyone feels good watching it.

Friday, August 8, 2008

How to Be Happy

Sunday, I was sitting at Mugshots (with my friend Han Gover), staring blankly at the pitiful, obligatory book swap. One book in particular stood out to me; "The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People". I think I can save you some time and boil it down to three.

1. Be satisfied with whatever is in front of you
2. Never ask questions
3. Kill yourself inside before someone else does it for you

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pat's and Gino's

I’ve never been to Pat’s or Gino’s.

It’s true. I’ve been living in Philadelphia for almost a year, and yet I’ve never paid tribute to either of these landmarks. This dilemma presented itself to me full force when I was biking home late at night from South Philly. It was pitch dark, with only the dim light of bar signs to guide me. Suddenly, there was a light ahead. Pat’s and Gino’s rose before me, beckoning to me like two neon sirens. The aroma of salt and grease encouraged me to come closer.

I was at a crossroads. The timing was perfect. I was drunk, it was well past any sane person’s bedtime, and both restaurants certainly seemed enticing to my appetite. Which would I chose? Gino’s? Pat’s?

In the end, I drove away, choosing neither. Sometimes, it’s better to have the courage to reject something outright, and know that you are actually better off for it. Sometimes, when the choice you have to make is between two evils, don’t pick either.

I’ve never been to Pat’s or Gino’s.
I don’t think that I ever will.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

motherhood and the likes

so more than ever, tonight i realize how as much rewarding and beautiful being a mother could be, that it could also show yourself how selfish one could be. of course i don't have the expertise of having a child of my own, but when you need to take care of loved ones, it could be so straining and difficult on your own heart and conscious. out of love and the desire to look out for people you care about, the wanting to be appreciated and not needing to deal with other people's problems as well comes out. i exploded on (admitting to everyone that i was going to be very honest and very selfish) the fact that i for once wanted to do whatever the fuck i wanted, not have to babysit them, and have them appreciate me for looking out for them. as soon as i let out that big bag of bad off my chest, i thought immediately of my mother. i wondered, how many times in my lifetime has my mother felt the same way? that through all the times i'd been a huge pain in the ass (and i know i have been.......), that she wanted to just bitch that she doesn't want to deal with my issues and focus on having fun in her life. but, i know because she loves me, she sacrificed many things in her life. of course, on the scope of things, it's not on the same level that i felt with my friends tonight, but i guess it puts a bigger realization in my head that my mother loves me, will always love me and that i must be grateful for her loving me so. and also, that i love my friends, and i need them to be DD next time.. haha, cause next time i'm getting wild for sure, and i know they love me too. so all in all, love = selflessness??

oh, by the way, the pink door? it's fucking BEIGE now. lame-o. it's kind of creepy cause i've been seeing the pimp across the street a lot recently. i even saw them painting that den of sin last night as i left for the high rise. they even installed a light right above the door. i wonder why they need that? a sign of 'back in business' for all the scared off clients?? and wasabi house is the place to eat. why? because i fucking work there now bitches. better see you there sometime soon.